Accounting and Tax

Accounting Services

Accounting plays an important role in the business world. To understand business well, we need to understand the basics of accounting. Due to the current rapid development of business, it is necessary to improve the management of all administrative functions so that the company remains competitive in an uncertain environment.

Accounting Services services include:
• Preparation of Financial Reports
• Financial Report Preparation Services
• Compilation of Unit Costs
• Daily Recording


Tax Services

• Tax Administration
Our services help your company manage tax administration effectively and efficiently. This service includes: Registration and/or revocation of Taxpayer Identification Numbers (NPWP), Regional Taxpayer Identification Numbers (NPWPD) and/or tax entrepreneur initiatives (PKP) and

• Tax advice
We inform you about your tax obligations and your company or business issues. This is the best solution for tax problem.

• Tax reports
We are ready to prepare, calculate and report your monthly and annual taxes. So you can focus on your business. • Tax audits
We assist and/or represent your company with respect to tax audits. Once again, we help you create the necessary documents and reports for the inspection process and explain the inspection plan according to your business processes.

•    Financial statements
We will be happy to help you prepare financial reports consisting of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and assets. Financial reports must be precise, accurate and precise

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